Tiberian Genesis


GrafikWill Tiberian Genesis also do Tiberium Wars or Kane's Wrath units, structures & stuff?

GrafikNo, Tiberian Genesis will only do Tiberian Sun / Firestorm units, structures & stuff. All about the second Tiberium War.

GrafikHow long until Tiberian Genesis Mod is finished?

GrafikThere is no timeline set. We are able to release the content step by step via Arma 3 SteamWorkshop and we can update the released content all the time. So people do not have to wait until the whole Modification has been finished, and they can still play our released content + can report bugs or any ideas/suggestions.

> In Downloads you can find the actual version we have released, ready to subscribe in the Steam Workshop.

> Please report any bugs in our Discord Server, and check the already actual pinned bug reports list there.

> Also please check the End User License Agreement here.

GrafikIs Tiberian Genesis a standalone game?

GrafikNo, Tiberian Genesis is a Modification for the game Arma 3, so Arma 3 is needed to play Tiberian Genesis.

GrafikWill other factions like Cabal or the Forgotten be added?

GrafikIts a must to add these factions, they are also a big part of Tiberian Sun / Firestorm, so yes we will add them.


GrafikWill Tiberian Genesis involve base building and any AI support?

GrafikYes, Tiberian Genesis will add base building possibilities and also the AI is able to handle squads, supports, and probably also be able to build their own base(s).

GrafikDo you guys also have any plans for the Campaigns or is it even planned?

GrafikThe Campaign Missions are planned yes, AuroraDelta will work on the Missions and Briefings while Kalle Bowo will add own custom made Voice Sounds for more possibilities to use. Also we try to recreate the needed Terrains for each Mission. Nero and Sentry will work on the Terrain stuff.


Grafik Will there be a Mammoth Mk.II?

GrafikOfcourse there will be a Mammoth Mk.II.

Grafik Will units like as example TickTank or Juggernaut be deployable?

GrafikYes, TickTank and all deployable units will have their own deploy animations and will work like they are in the original Tiberian Sun / Firestorm game.

Grafik Will the Stealth Tank be able to use its stealth mode?

GrafikYes, Stealth Tank is able to use its stealth mode and is mostly done like in the original game.

Grafik Will subterranean units work like the Devil Tongue or the Subterranean APC?

GrafikPlayers are able to use that technology but the AI has at the moment problems with it, so right now, waypoints and such wont work in subterranean mode for them, but we will find a solution.

Grafik Are structures entreable with Infantry or are there no interiors planned?

Grafik95% of the structures will have a interior and will be entreable, we also try to do them in the correct size, so as example the Construction Yard is ca. 65m x 65m.


GrafikWill there be Ion Storms?

GrafikIon Storms will exist, placeable with a Module, and you can change their parameters to your own, like radius, duration etc.

GrafikDo Tiberium Fields grow?

GrafikYes, Tiberium Fields can grow. We have added the option that you can sync the Spawner (like Blossom Tree as example) with one of our Modules, in this Module you can edit the grow duration time, how many seedlings, and radius of each Tiberium Fields.

GrafikDoes the Tiberium damage Infantry?

GrafikThe Tiberium is able to damage Infantry, we have added the option with a Module, how much it will damage Infantry per second, the ability to choose green, blue or red Tiberium and also its possible to add units which can be healed by Tiberium (as example Nod Cyborgs, or any kind of Mutants). Also we have added the option to use any subitems which you can define in the Module that you dont get any damage by the Tiberium.

GrafikDo blue Tiberium Crystals explode if they get explosion damage?

GrafikBlue Tiberium Fields/or Crystals can explode if you shoot at one blue Tiberium Crystal. They also react together and a whole field could be destroyed.

GrafikWill by Tiberium killed Infantry turn into Visceroids?

GrafikYes, Infantry turn into Visceroids if they get killed by the Tiberium. We have also added with a Module the option that you are able to play as a Visceroid when you get turned in to a Vsiceroid. But you are a enemy for Nod and GDI.

GrafikWill there be a Veinhole Crater Monster?

GrafikVeinhole Crater Monster is planned yes.

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